About the Founder-Director

SudarshanSabatis a passionate individualwith a passion for learning, who understands the importance of extracting lessons from one’s experiences. He believes that every single day brings with it a unique bundle of opportunities.Hisability to observe and constantly contemplate on his thoughts and actions are responsible for awarding him the phenomenal growth that he has experienced during the past several years. He is a strategist, and looks at every situation with an eye for detail.


He started his career as a humble telemarketing executive,a decade-and-a-halfback at Kamath Club. He immediately became the best performer, and he waseventually recognized as the No. 1 Telemarketing Executivewithin a team of over 200 Executives. In the next few years, he rapidly moved up the corporate ladder and was soon holding senior positions in the organization. Quality-consciousness and assurance have been his strengths right from the beginning.


His exposure to serving clients from various industries in the telemarketing space has enabled him to understand customer behaviour and its dynamics profoundly.Apart from giving consulting services in telemarketing, hehas also extensively studied the telemarketing industry and has developed training modules on coaching and guiding telemarketers and salespeople to achieve high growth. To know more please visit www.aryaninfotrain.com


Nature has always inspired him. In this quest,he has invested years in learning how simpleand correct living and eating habits have the power to heal and make individuals healthy and hearty. He loves to share his discoveries with others to enable them to take advantage of it. To know moreplease visit www.aryaninfotrain.com


Vision – Enableorganizations to adapt telemarketing as a strategy to be game changers

It is observed that the potential of telemarketing has been underestimated by many, which hasled to dilutionof the positive effects it is capable of creating. However, practical experience shows an entirely different story. We wantto help organizationsin understanding their growth plans and sales objectives,along with implementing telemarketing as a strategyto experience success.


Mission-To be the most sought-after and largest telemarketing consultancy firm in Indiaby 2020

One thing that differentiates us from others is quality. This reflects in all our processes and services. Our overall orientation of being 100% conscious about quality helps us achieve our mission which further leadsus closer to our vision.